VIOFO A119 New 2016 Model

DashCamsCentral have just added a new style of Dash Cam to our Range.

The Viofo A119 Dash Cam released in July 2016 is the first “wedge” style dash cam offered by dashcamscentral.
The Viofo A119 has a great combination of being both discreet because of its wedge shape and also easy to operate as the screen and buttons are large and in a good position for the driver to access.

Viofo A119 is ideally mounted at the top of your windscreen on the driver’s side of your rearview mirror, just below the tint strip. This gives you good access to the LCD Screen and buttons but is still out of your line of sight and will not obscure the drivers view. With good adjustability of the lens in both up down and left right option plus the option of a CPL filter the Viofo A119 should be easy to position for best possible image capture.

The Viofo A119 is a mid priced Dash Cam with solid build quality and premium features. The A119 offers 2K recording at 1440 FPS and also the option of recording at 1920 x 1080P at 60 FPS. Very few dash cameras offer this level of video quality and at this price point, making the A119 a very attractive offer. Powered by super capacitors instead of Lithium batteries the A119 is ideal for Australian conditions and will be far better able to cope with heat stress and will be more durable and reliable than battery powered cameras.

The A119 utilises the Novatek 96660 processor and also a 6G glass lens with F1.8 aperture, with independent reviewers giving it good reviews for having both good quality day and night image quality.

Viofo are already well recognised for the G1W and A118C Dash cameras which were widely applauded for offering exceptional value for low priced cams. Those two models were also widely copied (faked) by many other manufacturers due to their solid market reputation. The Viofo A119 looks to be a real step up in both quality and features bringing high end quality and features to a mid priced camera.

The A119 offers a very good combination of being discreet, having a good quality easy to read screen, ease of use functionality and a great range of features. In our opinion the Viofo A119 is the pick of our sub $200 cameras for Quality, features and reliability.

Independent A119 review Courtesy of Car Cam Central.

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