DOD RC500S Vs DOD LS500W 2 Channel Dash Cams

DOD LS500W and DOD RC500S Dual Channel cameras

Launched in May 2017

The newly released DOD RC500S and LS500W 2 channel, or dual camera dash cams follow in the footsteps of the hugely successful DOD LS475W front facing only dashcam.

These two new models are essentially the same as each other except for a few key differences. The LS500W has an LCD screen on the front camera allowing for ease of use when changing menu settings and is also good for viewing video playback. The RC500S has no screen which provides for a more discreet installation and utilises an IOS or Android phone app and Wi Fi for menu functions and reviewing videos. The RC500S also allows for the option of adding a CPL filter to the front camera whereas this is not an option for the LS500W.

Both the RC500S and LS500W dashcams now also offer 1080P @ 30FPS recording in both the front and rear cameras. At this point in time, most other 2 channel dashcams still only offer 720P recording from the rear camera.
Both cameras also utilise the latest SONY STARVIS image sensor which is ultra sensitive to light so enhances dim light at dusk or night time. Daytime clarity is vibrant and crisp and the SONY STARVIS sensor is also considered to be best in class for night time image quality.

Both Dash Cams incorporates a large f/1.6 lens aperture and the highest ISO sensitivity on the market. These features produce some of the clearest and sharpest footage under night time or low light conditions. The high speed, in-built GPS processor refreshes data 10 times per second to pin speed and location accurately while the Heads Up Display (HUD) on the LS500W model allows the screen to be used as a speedometer with over-speed alerts and speed camera alerts++ (where available ++).

The RC500S and LS500W have an in-built G-sensor for Impact Detection, Both dash cams have automatic Parking Mode with time lapse option when paired with the optional DOD DP4 hardwire kit. Both also incorporate a wide angle of view on both front and rear cameras allowing you to cover more of the road in the footage. 145° front and 140° rear angles for front and rear respectively. Most 2-channel units have a max 130-135° angle of view potentially cutting off some important action around your car.

These two latest model dashcams now support up to a 128GB Micro SD card capacity (to record approx. 12 hours of footage per camera before looping over).

In Our Opinion.

The new DOD RC500S and LS500W are currently the best outright 2 channel dashcams we have seen, regardless of price. The SONY STARVIS image sensors provide these cameras with best in class image quality which a good enough reason alone to by either of these 2 models. Add in the recognised brand quality of DOD plus the additional features, such as an excellent parking mode option (with optional hardwire kit), 1080P recording front and rear, wide angle lens for front and rear cameras and large 128gb Micro SD storage capacity, we are confident these 2 models are currently a step ahead of all 2 channel cameras currently in market.

DOD RC500S or DOD LS500W. Which is Better?

I personally prefer the ease of use of the LS500W. Having a screen on camera makes for much easier video playback and any menu changes required. It is simply a better set and forget set up and easier to use.
The RC500S is better suited to those people who want a discreet camera installation. The RC500S is less visible from outside vehicle however we have found that any dash cam, regardless of brand which requires the use of Wi Fi to interface with a phone app is far less user friendly and adds a layer of complexity in both menu functionality and video playback.
Apart from that both cameras are almost identical in features a video image quality.

DOD has made a couple of disclaimers which are also worth noting here.

**DO NOT use any SANDISK branded Micro SD card in a DOD Dash Cam, it will cause functional and physical problems and will VOID the manufacturer’s warranty**

++Speed Camera data under license from “HERE” Maps. DOD do not guarantee reliability and accuracy of speed camera locations


  1. I recently purchased 2 X DOD LS500W Dual Dash Cams both hard wired with a Vico-Power Plus for parking surveillance.
    The service and delivery were excellent.
    I had a problem with inserting the SD cards into the cameras as I had very short fingernails.
    Chris made the extra time for me to bring both cameras to him to have a look at what I was doing wrong. He explained to me how you use your fingernail to click the card in and out of the slot insert. My wife now has the permanent job in charge of the camera SD cards.
    Great cameras, easy to install, easy to use. We will use as future police evidence in court.
    Thank you Chris for all your help, very much appreciated. Regards Chris.

  2. i have a hardwired LS500W but am having difficulty do get sleep mode and as the camera stays on forever, i now switch it off completely when i arrive home and switch it back on when i leave next morning. What am i doing wrong ? i think it is in my settings and as i am not a “WIZZ”with these things i think i need some guidance please. I live in Melbourne and maybe you can suggest somebody with more brains than mine to do the complete set up. I appreciate any help. Many thanks.

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