How long will my order take?

We are a 100% Australian owned and operated business and we are located in Sydney Australia. All of our goods are held locally and shipped from within Australia. We ship via Australia Post mail. We suggest you allow 3 business days for your order to arrive before contacting us to trace your order. In the event we happen to be out of stock of your item on receipt of your order we will contact you with a revised delivery date or the option for you to cancel your order.

Do you guarantee your products?

All of our products are genuine. We are authorised DOD, VicoVation, VIOFO, Mini Series,Koonlung and JooVuu, Dash Cameras agents and our products come with a 100% Australian Warranty. When buying products from us you are protected by Australian Consumer law. We want you to know your consumer rights and to be comfortable with your purchase. For further information go to our terms and conditions page.

Are Dash Cams legal?

Yes, dash cameras are legal in all states of Australia. In Australia recording on public roadways is allowed as long as the recording does not infringe upon one’s personal privacy in a way that may be deemed inappropriate in a court of law. Nearly all highway patrol vehicles on Australian roads are fitted with sophisticated front and rear facing dashcams.

Why own a Dash Camera?

Dash cameras are most commonly used to record evidence of accidents or incidents on our roads. Dash cams footage can be used protect you in the event of an insurance claim.
Dash cams footage may provide the evidence you need to

– Protect you against a fraudulent insurance claim.
– Stop an insurance dispute before it arises.
– Protect your no claim bonus.
– Save you the cost of paying of your excess on an insurance claim.
– Provide evidence to police or the law courts in the event someone has breached your legal rights on our roads.

Dash cameras are also becoming much more widely used by recreational drivers, caravans and campers to record interesting events and locations whilst exploring Australia.
Can Dashcam footage be used as evidence?
Yes. It now very common for both police and/or insurance companies to request if there is video evidence is available. Generally speaking dashcam video footage is treated like any other CCTV video footage.

Why is you range so small?

Dashcamcentral only intend to supply premium quality dash cameras that are widely used and respected around the world. That are well known for their quality video reproduction, their reliability and durability. That are designed to handle extreme heat which makes them ideal for the Australian market. Quite simply we believe our range of dash cameras to be the best value proposition in the market. Don’t believe us? Check out all of the independent local a global reviews on dash cameras that are easily accessible on the net.

Do you Do a Dash Cam installation?

Dash Cams Central does not do installations however for installations in Sydney Eastern Suburbs area please contact: Bendas Installations

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