Mini0807 Hardwire Kit (Suits 2016 Year Model Camera)

$22.00 $9.00

  • Compatible with Mini Series 0807 2016 year model only
  • Opens up the use of Parking mode functions
  • Connect directly to your cars power supply via Fuse accessories
  • Free up your 12 volt cigarette output
  •  3 Metres in length total
  •  Factory Original Accessory
  • 12V input and 12V output
  • 3mm input connector
  • Not Suitable for use on any other model or Dashcam.


Hardwire Kit for Mini Series 0807 (2016 model only)

NB: This is 12 volt output hardwire kit and IS NOT suitable for use on other dashcams.

Specifically designed to open up the parking guard features of your 2016 year model Mini0807. Parking mode functions on the Mini0807 will only work with this 12V input and 12V output hardwire kit or the matching OBD11 power cord.

Allows you to connect your 2016 year model Mini 0807 dashcam directly to the car electronics via your fuse accessories.

Dashcams central strongly recommends all hardwire kit installations be carried out by a licencesed Automotive electrician. Incorrect installation can result in damage to your dashcam, vehicle and/or vehicle electronics.

Hardwire installations are done solely at the owners and/or installers risk. Dashcamscentral provides no liability for damages due to installations of hardwire kits by owners or installers not withstanding those provided under Australian consumer law.


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