Key Features

– 1080P HD Recording
– Sony Image Sensor
– Larger f/1.6 Aperture- Super Low Light Performance
– ISO Range Up to ISO 12800
– 150° Ultra Wide View Angle
– 2.7 inch LCD Screen
– 10X per second Speed GPS Processor

**SanDisk cards are not to be used in any DOD camera due to functional and physical issues they cause (warranty will be void)**

What’s in the Box
1 x DOD LS470W Dashcam, 1 x DOD Car Charger, 1 x Sticky Back Mount,
1 x Suction Cup Mount, 1 x User Maunual, 1 x DOD software disc

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DODLS470W Launched in mid 2016.

New for 2016, the DOD LS470W and DODLS470W+ plus are improved models over the still current DODLS460W.
DOD LS470W has taken the next step in improved video quality over the already highly recommended DODLS460W.
The key differences between the DOD LS47W and the 460 are;

DOD LS470W uses a larger F1.6 aperture and lifts the ISO from 3200 up to a maximum ISO 12800 for what should be a big lift in an already market leading night time video quality. They have also gone from a 6G lens in the 460 to a new 7G, seven layered glass, lens in the DOD LS470W for clearer all round day and night video.

DOD LS470W also uses a slighter wider angle view of 150 degrees over the 140 degree view of the 460. DOD have upgraded the standard GPS unit to one that updates 10 x per second over the 460 which updated at the rate of 5x per second. This brings new and improved features to the heads up display or HUD on the DOD LS470W.

DOD LS470W also incorporates a motion detection parking mode to offer additional protection while you are away from your car. To get the most out of parking mode would usually require the addition of hardwiring your dash cam.
At the same time DOD have also introduced the DODLS470W+ dashcam.

DODLS470W+ is essentially the same as the LS470W but offers additional features.

DODLS470W+ offers for the first time on a DOD a CPL filter. Ideal for removing windscreen reflections which can be a problem for some installations and also more common in bright sunny conditions found here in Australia.

DODLS470W+ also offers a slightly larger LCD screen of 3 inches. This is good for people who like to view video in car on the Dashcam but also means the LS470W+ is slightly less discrete than the LS470W or the 460.

The plus model more interestingly also has a much larger battery than the other DOD models. The much larger battery on the DODLS470W+ is designed to support the parking mode and allow the camera to run for longer periods of time in parking mode. This can in some cases negate the need for hardwiring your dash cam which previously was almost a must for people who wanted parking protection while away from their car.

LS470W and LS470W+ also both come packaged with a new GPS enabled video media player to support the new functions of both cams. In addition to the new features above Both the DODLS470W and DODLS470W+ carry over all of the same features as the DODLS460W.

In a nutshell the new DODLS470W should give solid improvement in both day, and especially night video quality, clearer all round video and improved GPS functions over what was an already very impressive camera in the LS460W.

An Expanded ISO Range Up to ISO 12800

10X better than conventional dashcams, DOD Tech now expanded with ISO 12800, the industry´s first and only, provides the best possible images in extremely low-light circumstances.

Large f/1.6 Aperture-Super Low Light Performance

It possesses the f/1.6 large aperture, capturing the better night shots than f/2.0, and records clearly sophisticated details such as the license plate and others.

10X Speed GPS Processor

Embedded ultrafast GPS processor, 10 times faster than other GPS, you deserve to have the most detailed and accurate data, to restore the status of each situation.


DOD GPS Player Version 2

The DOD GPS Player V2.0 generates Full HD video recordings with real-time driving data clearly at a glance.


7G Sharp Glass Lens

Japan-made Seven-Element sharp lens,made up of 7 layers of glass, provides stunning clear and non-deformed images.


150° Ultra Wide View Angle

It applies high resolution 150° view-angle lens. The field through front windshield is completely recorded.


Path Analysis

The Path Analyzing is a new function to calculate the distance, time and average speed of your journey from A to B. For example, you can find out the shortest or quickest path from your home to work place by the data of path analyzing.


Advanced WDR Technology

Stunning Video in Any Light
WDR technology, well-balanced exposure for every condition. It makes night shots brighter, and reduces strong light exposure to achieve the most beautiful picture.


GPS Auto Clock Correction

With the built-in 10X speed GPS module, LS470W can automatically correct the time by synchronizing with the atomic clock.


HUD Speed Display

With 10X speed GPS processor, 10X update rate provides accurate stroke-by-stroke car speed; no more last-second speed is displayed.


Parking Mode

With the motion detection feature, it starts recording automatically itself if there is motion in the video without pressing any button. After the car start, it will turn to camera mode automatically to ensure your file safety. Requires Optional DOD hardwire kit to fully utilise Parking Mode.


2.7" 16:9 Widescreen Display

With bigger viewing area, Widescreen 16:9 provides a wider screen for video playback.You can watch any videos easily.


G-Sensor Automatic Trigger for File Protection

When an impact, emergency brake occurred or the car tilted, LS470W will protect the previous, present and next video files automatically. Through this function the important files won’t be removed by loop recording.


SOS Files Locking Function

In emergency, it allows users to protect the present file by long press on the emergency button, protects the file from loop recording.


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No SD Card, Samsung EVO 16G SD Card, Samsung EVO PLUS 128G SD Card, Samsung EVO PLUS 32G SD card, Samsung EVO PLUS 64G SD Card


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