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Dashcams Central specialises in VicoVation, JooVuu, GitUp, Viofo, DOD, Mini Series and quality dash cams suitable for Australian conditions.

Super capacitor powered dashcams are designed to handle Australia’s extreme heat and weather conditions. One of the biggest causes of in car camera failure is due to heat stress. Super capacitor dash cameras are designed in extreme conditions for use in extreme conditions. Ensure you purchase a car camera that can best handle Australia’s hot summer conditions.




Dashcams as seen on Channel 9 Australia:



Dashcams Central only supply genuine dashcams for the Australian market. Our dashcams are backed by a 100% Australian warranty. All warranty claims and returns are handled here in Australia. Nothing is sent offshore for repair or replacement. We will not sell or supply our customers grey imports or fake dashcams. Dashcams Central is an aurthorised seller of Vicovation, JooVuu, GitUP, Viofo, DOD and Mini Series dashcams and accessories.

Dashcam Vicovation Marcus 4 in Melbourne:


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